BC Energy Step Code

The Step Code is a voluntary provincial standard for building requirements The BC Energy Step Code consists of a series of specific measurable efficiency targets, and groups them into "steps" that represent increasing levels of energy-efficiency performance. By gradually adopting one or more steps, a local government can increase the building performance requirements in its community. The regulation is designed as a technical roadmap to help the province reach its target that all new buildings will attain a net zero energy ready level of performance by 2032. This gives builders more freedom, as local jurisdictions voluntarily choose to adopt such by-laws and policies.

The BC Energy Step Code establishes a series of measurable energy-efficiency requirements that builders must meet in communities that reference it in their building and development bylaws. The regulation groups these performance targets into a series of "steps" of increasing energy efficiency. Step 1 simply requires confirmation that new buildings meet the existing energy-efficiency requirements of the existing BC Building Code. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the scale, Step 5 for homes represents a home that is net-zero energy ready. A Step 5 home is effectively the most energy-efficient home that can be built today.

To know more about the BC Step Code please visit : https://energystepcode.ca/

"Step Code is now required across the province of British Columbia"

Our Involvement during the whole construction process

  1. Pre-Construction Energy Compliance Reports

    • Our team will meticulously craft pre-compliance energy checklists and reports, utilizing your architectural drawings and input on mechanical systems.

    • These reports are essential for obtaining permits, ensuring your project meets all necessary regulations and standards.

  2. Mid-Construction Blower-Door Testing

    • We conduct on-site visits to verify the progress of your build, focusing on insulation, window specifications, and more.

    • Utilizing blower-door testing, we ensure that your construction meets required airtightness targets and provide detailed mid-construction reports to keep your project on track.

  3. As-Built Compliance Verification

    • Upon completion of your home, our team performs a thorough inspection to confirm final airtightness and assess the installed mechanical systems.

    • We deliver comprehensive as-built compliance reports, ensuring your project meets all Step Code requirements and is ready for occupancy.

About Us

The designation of energy advisor (EA) registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) means that a person has met and maintained all of the required qualifications to deliver EnerGuide rating services for eligible homes in Canada. An NRCan-registered EA can also add other NRCan services to their qualification. Energy Advisors provide third party expert advice to builders and homeowners who wish to use the EnerGuide Rating System in the design stages of new construction or during renovation stages.

Ecosteps Energy is committed to reducing the the carbon footprint of Homes through building science and energy efficiency. Our Energy Advisors have a passion for energy efficiency and are qualified to work on your new or Existing home.

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